It was 2007, when the VPN world witnessed the birth of Ivacy VPN. This Hong Kong based provider claims to be the first to introduce split tunneling feature in VPN industry. Ivacy VPN is established with 200+secure servers located in over 100 countries to provide subscribers absolute anonymity, enhanced speed, performance, and security.

Ivacy aims to make privacy simple, affordable, and accessible for everyone. Ivacy uses 256 bit encryption along with various tunneling protocols to ensure highest standards of data protection for its subscribers. Moreover, the company specializes in providing absolute online anonymity, making it impossible for the government and cyber criminals to identify the users.Like every year, Ivacy offers top black friday vpn deals for the internet users so that they protects their online privacy.Customers can purchase IVACY VPN on cheapest rates on 23rd november 2018
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Ivacy VPN Got Endorsement at BestVPN.Co

You will find Ivacy VPN review on several websites. is a new review website that tested Ivacy for its features, prices, performance, server locations, and various other factors. Based on the results, endorsed the provider for affordable prices and good server spread.

However, some shortcomings included no free trial and no bitcoin or crypto currency refund availability. Although, the latter is meant to keep users identity anonymous, due to which a refund is difficult. 

On the other hand, Ivacy got a lot of praise for its P2P compatibility, split tunneling, kill switch, and other features. But the biggest advantage offered by Ivacy, as per, was its affordable two year plan.

Ivacy USP

In our Ivacy review, we examine various features of Ivacy VPN to determine what factors are uniquely appealing to VPN prospects. Ivacy VPN offers its renowned split tunneling feature to subscribers like expressvpn, providing them the liberty to choose what web activities must stay behind the VPN network and which can access normally the ISP network.

Ivacy Plans & Pricing

Currently, Ivacy VPN offers three subscription plans that include monthly, bi-annually, and annually recurring plans, which can be availed by both individual and corporate customers. 

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ivacy plans & pricing

1 Month Plan:

Signing up for a monthly plan is a good idea if you wish to test drive the service, as Ivacy is offering 17% discount for limited time on this plan. At discounted price, this plan would cost users $9.95per month. With the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee you can enjoy the complete Ivacy Monthly offer and discontinue within 7 days if it’s not your cup of tea.

24 Months Plan:

Buy more to save more, as bi-annual plan currently offers a discount of 86% and would cost users $1.66 per month, after discount. This is an ideal plan for those travelling abroad and wish to access websites from their home country while they are travelling.


In our Ivacy VPN review, we tested Ivacy servers to determine the speed, performance, and connectivity of the provider’s network. All  servers demonstrated high speed connectivity, though some did affect the speed during European peak hours. Ivacy server connectivity was really commendable and it was on very few occasions that the connection dropped off.

Firstly, we tested the speed of our connection without Ivacy, to show our readers how Ivacy VPN affects internet speed. We tested our ISP speed without Ivacy VPN through and obtained the following results:

ivacy speed test

Then, we connected to the Luxemborg server usingIvacy VPN to determine itseffect on our internet speed, and following results shows aminorloss  in speed of the internet connection while ping increased by almost 100%. 

ivacy speed test 2

Using the PPTP protocol, we proceeded testing on the Swedish VPN server. The following results indicate that Ivacy servers located in the European Nordic & Northern regions are very stable and reliable:

ivacy speed test 3

The results obtained after connecting to US based Ivacy VPN's server were not ideal, but decent enough for streaming.

The number of users connected to a particular server can also affect the overall speed and since US servers are vital to unblock Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, and other streaming services, it is highly likely that number of users on the servers we tested were high.

We conducted speed tests using Chicago and Atlanta based Ivacy VPN's servers, and obtained the following results:


ivacy chicago speed test


ivacy atlanta speed test

The massive loss of speed on the US servers indicates their peak usage hours. It is recommended not to use US VPN server during the day and early morning.

Results from the Australian Ivacy server indicates that it does not affect the overall download speed though the upload speed was far from ideal:


ivacy australia speed test

In Asian region, we selected Ivacy VPN servers located in China. Since the Chinese comprise of a large number of VPN users it was expected that desired speeds cannot be obtained from the Asian servers. The following speed test demonstrates an increase in Ping, 58% decline in download speed and 60% decline in upload speed: 

ivacy aisa speed test

Customer Support

Our Ivacy VPN review, gives utmost importance to the customer support of the provider. We tested Ivacy’s customer support service in every possible way, flooded them with queries and asked testing questions regarding VPN, and to our surprise Ivacy's customer support was very congenial and courteous. They were available 24/7 through live chat, and on email, but not on-call.

From our Ivacy's review of customer support features, we can conclude that Ivacy emphasizes on customer delight and makes it a mission to make customers happy when they interact. Subscribers facing any issues regarding Ivacy can launch complaint tickets using Ivacy’s website customer area.

Payment Methods

A Wide range of payment methods are available from Ivacy VPN for subscribers to get registered with their service. Listed payment methods include:

  1. PayPal
  2. VISA , MasterCard, AMEX, Union Pay
  3. Bitpay
  4. Paymentwall
  5. Perfect Money
  6. WebMoney

Value Added Services

Following are the value added services that comes with all Ivacy VPN plans:

  • Internet Kill Switch
  • IPv6 Leak Protection
  • Secure DNS
  • NAT Firewall
  • DDoS
  • 5 Multi-Logins
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

Refund Policy

Normally, VPN  prospects complain that refund policies are not covered or tested in reviews. So we decided to add this section exclusively in our Ivacy review. The refund policy of Ivacy is very clear, but it does come with certain important conditions.

First, users can claim for a refund within 7-days. On the eighth day users cannot request for a refund, this is clearly stated in their refund policy. We would advise subscribers to test all the serves, and functionality within 7 days, to determine if they want to continue with the service.

Secondly, the7 days money back guarantee hinges on a bandwidth clause. New users should not consume more than 500 MB bandwidth or should not exceed more than 30 sessions, if they are planning to test the Ivacy VPN first. Exceeding the prescribed bandwidth or number of sessions (whichever comes first) will make users ineligible for a refund.

Subscribers should also know that payments made through BitCoin or Paymentwall cannot be refunded. In our Ivacy review, we found that Ivacy is a customer-centric company, since it provides clear refund terms. The provider also considers individual cases with utmost maturity and usually refunds are awarded if the service fails to work within a certain region.

IVACY Compatibility 

We reviewed Ivacy VPN’s multiplatform & multi device compatibility claims on their website, while also testing Ivacy VPN's Kodi Media Player add-on to examine its effectiveness.

The results were encouraging; Ivacy VPN is available over OS platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. Moreover, Ivacy VPN's add-on for Kodi is helpful for KODI media player users to easily bypass geo-restrictions directly from their KODI console.

How to Install Ivacy VPN for Popcorn Time

When it comes to securing your online privacy, you should use a VPN. This is because a VPN safeguards your online privacy from different hassles like DMCA notices. Thus, you need to install Ivacy VPN for Popcorn Time since the service offers a comprehensive list of dedicated servers for streaming. Hence, you can use the provider as Popcorn Time VPN. Here is how you can install Ivacy VPN on Popcorn Time instantly:

  1. Subscribe to the Ivacy VPN service from the official website
  2. After subscribing, download the relevant app on your device
  3. Launch the Ivacy VPN app by entering your username and password
  4. After logging in, select your desired VPN server from the li of servers and click Connect
  5.  Wait for few moments and let the connection establish
  6. Once you are connected to Ivacy VPN server, you are ready to stream Popcorn Time anonymously

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Ivacy VPN Review for Android

For Android devices, an Ivacy VPN app is available on Google Play Store. Ivacy constantly updates its application to add new features or to improve the existing user interface for better performance.

The Ivacy VPN app for Android works with Android OS 4.0 or higher. The app is very light i.e. just 15MB, and retains low storage space on Android devices.

Configuration of Ivacy VPN's Android application is a walk in the park. Download the application from Play Store and install it. Once installed, users are required to enter their login credentials, select the server and click on connect. 

Ivacy VPN app also comes with Smart Purpose Selection feature, which can automatically selects the fastest server based on user preferences.

Ivacy VPN Kodi Add-on

To install IvacyVPN Kodi add-on, you need to follow the below outlined steps. Ivacy is also listed as top kodi vpn addon at

Step 1: Open the link and click on and download the zip file onto your device.

ivacy kodi vpn addon

Step 2: Launch Kodi > Add-ons > Installation package icon > Install from zip file > navigate to find the file that you saved onto your device ‘’.

ivacy kodi vpn repository zip file

Step 3: Install from repository > Ivacy Repo > Services > Ivacy Monitor OpenVPN > Click Install > Wait until the add-on is enabled and installed.

ivacy kodi openvpn monitor

Step 4: Go to Kodi Home Screen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Ivacy Monitor OpenVPN > Change or Disconnect VPN.

ivacy change or disconnect kodi vpn connection

Step 5: A box will appear that will require your information > Enter Username and Password > Enjoy using IvacyVPN for Kodi.

ivacy kodi vpn addon settings

Ivacy VPN Review for Windows

The Best VPN for Windows app was reviewed to test performance, ease, accessibility and.functionality. The performance on our Windows 7 OS was good, plus the app was very easy to navigate and connect with. Smart server selection makes it very convenient to find fastest servers depending on needs and there is also internet kill-switch & auto connects features.

Subscribers can directly download the application from Ivacy VPN's website. Installation is simple, double click on ivacy-setup.exe file follow the installation process and launch application. Once started, the application will require the account holder to enter their login credentials.

ivacy dialer

Ivacy VPN users can use Personalize Selection to select the purpose of use and protocol. For instance, if the purpose of using Ivacy VPN is to download through Torrents wihout leaving a trace, then select the purpose of Torrenting from the drop down box. For protocol selection users can either select the automatic option or manual. If automatic is selected in protocol then Ivacy VPN will select the best protocol as per the purpose. 

Users can also view and select their deseried servers from Browse All Servers tab in the Personalized Selection section. The region wise server distribution and the number of servers available in a particular region enable users to select the Ivacy VPN serverthat best fit their needs. 

Tutorials Provided

Ivacy VPN app and configuration tutorials are available on its website. Illustrated tutorials and guides are readily available to all subscribers, prospect users and visitors for setting up Fastest VPN, troubleshooting issues and configuring their various devices. 

Articles present step-by-step instructions to educate users about Ivacy VPN and resolving their issues. However, if readers are unable to find information they require, we would recommend contacting the support team.

Protocols & Encryption

Protocols and encryption are primary factors through which VPN providers ensure military grade data privacy and security. Our Ivacy VPN review identified that the brand offers four different protocols including:

  • L2TP/IPSec
  • Open VPN
  • PPTP
  • SSTP

Ivacy VPN offers three options for encryptions on the basis of users' needs. These include Fast Internet Mode (no encryption), 128-bit encryption, and 256-bit encryption. Ivacy VPN provides a brilliant mix of tunneling technology for users to get the best of both worlds.

For those looking for high speed streaming, torrent downloads, play flash games and use social networks Fast Internet Mode &128bit encryption are great options to discover. Using PPTP protocol with 128bit encryption is a great option for torrent users, while OpenVPN can be used with Fast Mode to stream video from various websites.

Subscribers who wish to securely transfer files, access online banking, shop online, pay bills, and send confidential emails & chats can use the 256bit encryption feature with the L2TP protocol for highest grade of data security.

This mix of tunneling protocols with military grade encryption (256bit) is necessary to ensure that no one can access users’ network, files, communications and their location.

Log & Privacy Policy

Ivacy expressly mentions that it does not keep any activity or data log, at all. The only information Ivacy retains is the username and email address of the subscriber, which is supplied at the time of signing up.

Secondly, review of Ivacy's privacy policy reveals that the company uses Google Analytics which informs Ivacy about the pages visited by the user, and this too is kept to optimize user experience.

Ivacy clarifies that even upon the legal notice by state authorities to reveal users activity, the company cannot do so, since it does not have any data to offer. User time & connection data is available up to 48 hours and scrapped after 2 days making it impossible to hand over anything to authorities and security agencies.


Acting upon the customer feedback Ivacy has totally revamped its services, and has greatly enhanced their overall performance, connectivity, and security. The consistent focus of Ivacy on service and application improvement places the company among leading VPN providers. Our Ivacy review can conclude that Ivacy VPN is not perfect, but then, who is!

Overall, Ivacy is a good VPN provider and is highly recommended because it offers complete anonymity, data security, and access to geo-blocked content in relatively low prices. 

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